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Tuition (2018 – 2019)An Affordable Education Is Within Reach

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Alvernia University Online offers an outstanding degree at a price you can afford. Experience a high-quality education, with a tuition that won’t break the bank. With a quality education and reasonable prices, you can feel comfortable taking the next step toward your educational goals. We also offer financial aid resources to help you pay for your education.

Program Tuition Amount
Online Undergraduate Programs $460 per credit hour
Online MBA Program $600 per credit hour
Online Special Education Certification Program $570 per credit hour
Online Master of Education with Special Education Certification Program $570 per credit hour

Financial Aid

Alvernia University strives to keep its programs affordable; however, you may still need assistance defraying the cost of your degree. Financial assistance programs at the federal, community and institutional level can help you reduce the out-of-pocket expenses of your college tuition. Discover what types of aid are available and how you can apply; our enrollment counselors are available to answer all of your questions.

Types of Financial Aid

Several types of financial aid are available; some types of aid include:

  • Loans: Money that you borrow from either federal or private lenders for college expenses. The amount, as well as the interest that accrues during the life of the loan, must be repaid. Look at federal loans first, as they often have a lower interest rate than private lenders such as banks.
  • Grants: Assistance that does not have to be repaid. Grants are primarily need-based.
  • Scholarships: Free money that is given to a student due to an accomplishment such as excellent grades, athletics or community activities. Scholarships are primarily merit-based.
  • GI Bill benefits: Support provided to either active duty or retired military personnel. Money is awarded based on service time. Benefits do not have to be repaid.

Applying for Financial Aid at Alvernia University Online

To apply for financial aid, visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The school code for Alvernia is 003233.

Once you complete the application, your information will be processed and forwarded to Alvernia within approximately two weeks. Your financial aid package will be prepared and mailed to you once your FAFSA has been received, you have been accepted into your program, and you have been registered.

To maintain your benefits, you’ll need to apply for funding each award year. You should complete the reapplication process at least 60 days before your academic year ends.

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