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Throughout your educational journey with Alvernia Online, you’ll receive individualized support. Our team is dedicated to your success.

Enrollment Counselors

Your friendly enrollment counselor is ready to help when you express interest in any of Alvernia’s online programs. He or she will answer your questions about Alvernia, our programs, financial aid, transferring credits, transcripts and more. Your enrollment counselor will also help you discover the best program to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

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Transcript Team

If you previously earned credits from another institution, you could apply those credits toward your online program’s requirements. Our transcript team will evaluate your transfer credits and help you plan your course of study, ensuring that you register for the right classes.

Online Advisers

Throughout your program, your online adviser will be committed to helping you stay on track. They’ll assist you through any difficulties you may encounter during your educational journey and will track your progress.

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