Practice Manager

What Is a Practice Manager?

In charge of the operations of a medical office, a practice manager conducts various administrative tasks. They supervise the facility’s office staff, hire and train new staff members and manage finances and budget operations. A practice manager must be organized, be an effective communicator, have excellent people skills and have the tenacity to solve problems.  

What Does a Practice Manager Do?

A practice manager oversees the various aspects of a medical office. They manage the facility’s office staff and perform human resources duties, such as hiring and training new staff members. In addition, they handle medical records, billing and ordering equipment and supplies, and they develop and implement strategies to improve the facility’s efficiency. Practice managers also make sure that all of the legal obligations for the medical office are met.

Generally, practice managers work during normal business hours, but they may work during weekends when their medical office is open. Occasionally, overtime may be required, and they may have to travel for meetings and conferences.

How Much Do Practice Managers Earn?

Depending on experience, practice managers earn an average salary of $58,453 per year, according to PayScale. Those just entering the career make an average wage of $50,000 per year, and those with more than 20 years of experience earn an average annual salary of $61,000.

How Do I Become a Practice Manager?

Typically, practice managers have a bachelor’s degree in either healthcare administration, nursing or a related field, plus several years of experience in a medical office or similar setting. Some practice managers have an advanced medical degree.

The online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Alvernia University will prepare you for a career as a practice manager. Focusing on the business and healthcare administration aspects of healthcare administration, the program teaches healthcare science, health literacy, organizational practices and more. The program’s flexible format allows you to study whenever and wherever you’d like as you learn from faculty who bring their years of experience in the field to the online classroom.

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