Nursing Home Administrator

What Is a Nursing Home Administrator?

A nursing home administrator is responsible for ensuring that residents are receiving quality care. They manage the nursing home staff, finances and admissions.

What Does a Nursing Home Administrator Do?

In charge of a residential healthcare facility’s daily operations, a nursing home administrator ensures that the residents in their facility are receiving quality care. Nursing home administrators are familiar with local, state and federal regulations that drive the quality of care provided by staff at their facility. They also ensure that the building is properly maintained.

A nursing home administrator plans, implements and assesses their facility’s nursing services. They also monitor the food and recreation services their facility provides to its residents to ensure they meet resident needs. Nursing home administrators manage the budget and any contractual agreements, and they make sure that their facility’s assets are protected in terms of risk management and insurance.

Nursing home administrators work full time, and overtime may be required. They may also have to be on call and work during evenings and weekends.

How Much Do Nursing Home Administrators Earn?

Nursing home administrators are grouped with medical and health services managers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of May 2017, managers at nursing and residential care facilities earned a median annual salary of $82,950. The BLS predicts that employment for the field will grow 20 percent through 2026.

How Do I Become a Nursing Home Administrator?

Typically, aspiring nursing home administrators should have at least a bachelor’s degree, though many employers prefer or require a master’s degree. All states require that nursing home administrators are licensed, and licensing requirements vary by state. Continuing education so that they can stay current on industry developments and improve their skills is strongly encouraged.

The online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Alvernia University provides you with the skills needed to succeed as a nursing home administrator. Through the program, you’ll develop your managerial skills and build a strong foundation in business law, management, finance and more. The program’s convenient online format allows you to study at your own pace while you learn from industry experts.

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