Nurse Navigator

What is a Nurse Navigator?

The role of nurse navigator is becoming more important in medical settings because of the invaluable services it offers to both patients and healthcare teams. The nurse navigator’s duties largely depend on the department and specific branch of medicine that they work in, but their central responsibility – to support patients in finding and following the most appropriate and effective treatment plans available – remains consistent.

What does a Nurse Navigator Do?

Nurse navigators are meant to help distill complicated treatment plan information to patients. When patients receive a specific diagnosis, they may be confused about the details of their illness and their best course of action going forward. The nurse navigator, sometimes known as a patient navigator or healthcare navigator, steps in to help communicate that information simply and directly.

As patient advocates, healthcare navigators work diligently to facilitate necessary treatment communications between doctors and patients. As treatment plans change through the course of a patient’s illness, patient navigators keep patients and doctors aware of the adjustments.

Many patient care navigators work in oncology departments because cancer treatment plans typically involve several doctors working together to construct the most effective care options.

Salary and Education Requirements

The average annual salary for nurse navigators varies depending on experience, according to PayScale.

  • Entry-level: $69,538
  • Mid-career: $70,328
  • Late-career: $78,290

To enter this career, prospective patient navigators must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing in order to communicate clearly the details of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. This level of training and education ensures nurse navigators know how to best support patients.

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