Health Information Manager

What Is a Health Information Manager?

A health information manager is in charge of a healthcare facility’s patient records and databases. They ensure all information is secure and is only accessible by authorized individuals. Health information managers may also oversee medical records and health information technicians.

What Does a Health Information Manager Do?

Responsible for handling patient information, health information managers ensure that patient records are secure and available only to authorized personnel. They make sure that databases are accurate and complete. A health information manager also stays current on the latest information technology updates and any upcoming regulations regarding health information systems. Sometimes, they might have to supervise a staff of health information and medical records technicians.

Typically, a health information manager works full time in an office at a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, physician office, outpatient care center or nursing home. They may have to work evenings and weekends, and they may also be required to be on call at times.

How Much Do Health Information Managers Earn?

Health information managers are grouped with medical and health services managers by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As of May 2017, the field earned a median annual salary of $98,350. Additionally, the field of medical and health services managers is rapidly growing. In fact, the BLS predicts employment will grow 20 percent through 2026.

How Do I Become a Health Information Manager?

Although a master’s degree is generally preferred by many employers seeking health information managers, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to enter the career. Commonly, health information managers have backgrounds in health administration, health management, nursing or business administration.

Even though it is not usually required, a certification in health information management may provide an advantage over other candidates.

Through Alvernia University’s online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration program, you will gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in a career as a health information manager. The online program provides you with a solid background in business and healthcare administration from both practical and ethical perspectives. Through the program’s convenient online format, you’ll be able to complete coursework at your own pace while learning from educators who are highly experienced in the field.

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