Correctional Treatment Specialist

What Is a Correctional Treatment Specialist?

Also known as correctional counselors or case managers, correctional treatment specialists create rehabilitation plans for parolees and probationers. For example, they may develop training and education programs to improve work skills. A correctional treatment specialist also assists parolees with finding counseling services, housing and jobs.

What Does a Correctional Treatment Specialist Do?

A correctional treatment specialist collaborates with parole officers, agency staff and inmates to develop rehabilitation plans for probationers and parolees. Correctional treatment specialists help parolees find counseling services, mental health and substance abuse treatments, housing and employment.

Some of their duties may include conducting questionnaires and psychological tests to assess inmates. They also produce case reports detailing the inmate’s history and the possibility of them committing another crime. These reports are provided to the appropriate parole board when the inmate is eligible for release.

Correctional treatment specialists generally work full time, and varying hours and overtime may be required. Sometimes, they may be required to be on-call and be available to respond to issues 24 hours a day. Paperwork and travel can add to their workload.

How Much Do Correctional Treatment Specialists Earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, correctional treatment specialists earned a median annual salary of $51,410 as of May 2017. Correctional treatment specialists employed at a local government office earned a median salary of $54,990 per year, while those in social assistance made $34,450. The BLS predicts that employment for the profession will grow 6 percent through 2026.

How Do I Become a Correctional Treatment Specialist?

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in an area such as criminal justice, social work or behavioral sciences is required to become a correctional treatment specialist. Many correctional treatment specialists have to complete a training program and earn a certification. Depending on the employer, they may have to work as a trainee for a year prior to being permanently hired.

The online Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral Health from Alvernia University teaches you all of the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as a correctional treatment specialist. Through the program, you’ll gain experience in counseling, prevention, case management and more. The program’s online format gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace as you learn from faculty with years of experience in the field.

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