4 In-Demand PR Careers

In Demand PR Careers

Jobs in the public relations field continue to evolve alongside innovations in technology and marketing. The Public Relations Society of America noted how those tools and tactics support the core of PR: influencing, engaging and building a relationship with stakeholders across platforms to shape and frame public perception of an organization.

Companies will continue to need skilled, strategic professionals who can help them take the next step in their growth. That bodes well for the job outlook of several PR careers.

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In-Demand PR Careers

Here is a short sample of in-demand PR careers. All job outlook and salary information comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

1.     Public Relations Specialists

PR specialists help create and maintain a favorable public image for organizations they represent. That goal is accomplished through tasks like crafting press releases, developing social media programs and helping clients communicate effectively with the public. PR specialists also build relationships with people in the media to influence opinion about a client or company.

Public Relations Specialist-PR Careers

  • Job Outlook: Employment of PR specialists is projected to increase 9 percent by 2026. Key factors include how organizations will continue to rely on these professionals for community outreach, as well as the growing use of social media.
  • Salary: The median annual wage for PR specialists is $59,300.

2.     Copywriters

Copywriters prepare advertisements and other written content. In PR settings, copywriters are used to produce engaging stories and ads for social media and other formats.

Copywriter-PR Careers

  • Job Outlook: Employment of writers and authors is projected to increase 8 percent by 2026. Given the growth in number and sophistication of online publications and services, more writers and authors with online and multimedia experience is expected. The BLS specifically noted that experienced writers should find work in the PR departments of corporations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Salary: The median annual wage for writers and authors specialists is $61,820.

3.     Public Relations Managers

PR managers plan and direct the development of material that maintains or enhances the public image of organizations they represent. Common tasks include preparing information for the media, designating a spokesperson for the company and identifying primary client groups and audiences. In larger organizations, PR managers supervise a staff of PR specialists. PR managers routinely work with lawyers, as what’s written has legal consequences.

PR Manager-PR Careers

  • Job Outlook: Employment of PR and fundraising managers is projected to increase 10 percent by 2026. Social media and the emphasis on community outreach and customer relations are key reasons why the demand for PR managers is strong.
  • Salary: The median annual wage for PR and fundraising managers is $111,280.

4.     Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Managers

Advertising, promotions and marketing managers generate interest in products, services or the public perception of a client through a wide range of campaigns. In addition to planning promotional and advertising efforts, these managers help with market research, develop pricing strategies, provide marketing advice and direct the hiring of staff.

Marketing Manager-PR Careers

  • Job Outlook: Employment of advertising, promotions and marketing managers is projected to increase 10 percent by 2026. They are essential to organizations seeking to maintain and expand their market share.
  • Salary: The median annual wage for advertising, promotions and marketing managers is $129,380.

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