BS in Healthcare Science

Make a Difference in Healthcare

The right degree can enable you to help people and communities become healthier, and make the healthcare system work more efficiently. Using an interdisciplinary design, the online B.S. in Healthcare Science at Alvernia University provides you with the knowledge and skills to promote a healthy lifestyle for people of all income levels, abilities, and social and cultural backgrounds. You’ll be able to impact health systems policies, health management, and health and wellness topics where you work.

The Alvernia Difference

At Alvernia University, you can earn your degree and achieve your goals in a format that works for you.

  • Experience

    Learn alongside faculty members and instructors who have real-world expertise.

  • Flexibility

    Complete your coursework and manage your professional and personal schedule with the convenience and accessibility of online courses.

  • Interactive

    Engage with peers in a pragmatic and ethics-driven learning environment.


Employers want graduates who are knowledgeable and possess excellent skills in communication, teamwork and self-management. A B.S. in Healthcare Science provides you with effective learning skills and the ability to create opportunities and network—building on your creativity, intelligence and moral fabric to help you succeed in your life and in your career.

Once you graduate, you will be ready to work in healthcare agencies, businesses and medical care settings in careers such as:

  • Advocate
  • Health Counselor
  • Manager
  • Science and Health Writer
  • Educator
  • Policy Analyst


The online B.S. in Healthcare Science program requires 123 credit hours, which can be achieved with the following courses.

Liberal Arts  Core Courses (31-55 credits)

All Alvernia University students are required to complete between 31 and 55 credits toward the Liberal Arts Core. Transfer work may be applicable for this area. As part of the application process, students receive specific information regarding remaining credits.

General Elective Requirements (as needed)*

Recommended core 100-level science with lab: BIO 107/117, BIO 115/116 or BIO 109

Healthcare Science Major Requirements (30 credits):

HCS 200: Foundations of Healthcare Science (3 credits)
HCS 300: Writing for Healthcare Science (3 credits)
HCS 310: Health & Wellness Over the Lifespan (3 credits)
HCS 320: Healthcare Science & Cultural Competence (3 credits)
HCS 330: Healthcare Literacy & Advocacy (3 credits)
HCS 340: Healthcare Science Management (3 credits)
HCS 400: Healthcare Systems & Policy (3 credits)
HCS 410: Community Health Organization & Administration (3 credits)
HCS 420: Current Issues in Healthcare Science (3 credits)
HCS 430: Healthcare Science Capstone (3 credits)

Related Requirements (12 credits)

PSY 101: Introduction of Psychology—Social Science Core applicable (3 credits)
BIO 216: Nutrition (3 credits)
PSY 208: Human Development Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
SOC 111: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)

The remaining credits are free electives that can work toward a student’s area of interest or a minor.

*A minimum total of 123 credits are required to complete a bachelor’s degree. In addition, at least 30 credits at the 300/400 level must be taken at Alvernia University.


For entrance into the Online B.S. in Healthcare Science program, you’ll need to:

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Online B.S. in Healthcare Science tuition is $440 per credit hour. Visit our financial aid page to learn what options are available to you.