BA in Behavioral Health

Change Lives in Your Community

The need for professionals who can help those in need of services such as addiction counseling, long-term care and even child welfare is growing. With the online B.A. in Behavioral Health program at Alvernia University, you can get the knowledge and training you need to make a difference. Earn a degree that helps you meet the growing demand of the marketplace for behavioral health and human services professionals who possess a deeper and broader base of expertise, with the flexibility and convenience of learning online.

The Alvernia Difference

At Alvernia University, you can earn your degree and achieve your goals in a format that works for you.

  • Experience

    Learn alongside national educators and published professionals, as well as top-level administrators, who are actively involved with changes occurring in healthcare.

  • Flexibility

    Complete your coursework and manage your professional and personal schedule with the convenience and accessibility of online courses.

  • Interactive

    Engage with peers in a pragmatic and ethics-driven learning environment.

Potential Careers

With a B.A. in Behavioral Health, you’ll be prepared for graduate studies or work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, assistance programs, prevention and intervention centers and other social agencies. Potential careers include:

  • Administration
  • Counseling
  • Casework
  • Rehabilitation
  • Coordination
  • Crisis intervention


All courses are approved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB), the foremost drug and alcohol credentialing organization in Pennsylvania. Coursework from the behavioral health studies program can be used to fulfill PCB requirements for certification and re-certification of addiction counselors. Students from outside Pennsylvania should contact the chemical abuse certification (CAC) board in their state for information about requirements and the certification process.


The online B.A. in Behavioral Health program requires 123 credit hours, which can be achieved with the following courses.

Liberal Arts  Core Courses (54/55 credits)*

General Elective Requirements (as needed)**

Behavioral Health Major Requirements (54 credits)

Behavioral Health Core Requirements (24 credits):

PSY 101: Introductory Psychology (3 credits)
BH 201: Foundations of Chemical Dependency (3 credits)
BH 202: Origins of Mental Illness (3 credits)
BH 204: Counseling Theories (3 credits)
BH 230: Assessment and Evaluation (3 credits)
BH 303: Counseling Techniques I (3 credits)
BH 305: Group Counseling I (3 credits)
BH 330: Crisis Intervention (3 credits)

Field Experience (12 credits):

BH 404: Practicum Field Experience (3 credits)
BH 405: Practicum Field Experience (3 credits)
BH 406: Practicum Field Experience (3 credits)
BH 407: Final Practicum Field Experience (3 credits)

Addiction Studies Concentration (12 credits):

BH 203: Neuropharmacology (3 credits)
BH 240: Addictive Behaviors (3 credits)
BH 304: Counseling Techniques II (3 credits)
BH 306: Group Counseling II (3 credits)

Related Requirements (6 credits):

PSY 208: Human Development Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
PSY 215: Multicultural Issues in Psychology (3 credits)

*Students entering the program with 70+ transferable credits or an associate degree must complete 30/31 Liberal Arts core credits.
**A total of 123 credits, including 3 credits in a human diversity course, are required to complete a bachelor’s degree. In addition, at least 30 credits at the 300/400 level must be taken at Alvernia University.


For entrance into the Online B.A. in Behavioral Health program, you’ll need to:

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Online B.A. in Behavioral Health tuition is $440 per credit hour. Visit our financial aid page to learn what options are available to you.